about Inka House

Inka House is a kitchen for catering to your events, business and a venue for holding workshops and creative classes.

The kitchen is vegetarian and devoted to feeding monks, students or the elderly if they need help to eat. Our menu is focused on what our lands can provide to us in a growing time. There will be about 5-7 dishes cooked daily and 1 of them is free to give out daily.

We look for kitchens, restaurants or cafes that need help to repair their business and train the staff to give in community. Some of the dishes that we can offer for free are fresh pasta dishes or baked potato with salad. We are also fundraising to purchase food trucks to help 7 families that can run the mobile trucks in Mexico. Anyone wishing to donate can push the donate button in the sidebar.

eggs are placenta of a dying bird


the chicken comes from china and it is poisoned by geopathic stress lines. [the term Geopathic is derived from the Latin term ‘Geo’ meaning earth, and ‘pathic’ meaning stress. Lines of this energy are referred to as Geopathic Stress lines]. they are lines painting4imposed by foreign DNA living in aymara (america) and they cause illness in people and animals. they also infect our waters and interfere with our earth here and in the shale of birth for our people. so they are being removed finally since no one has taken the trouble to stop breeding chickens and their offspring sperm eggs.
the yolk is the start of the brain of the bird that is inverted which means they have lost their consciousnesses so you end up eating bacteria and you get salmonella in the inner brain. this causes you to become forgetful and senile by the age of 50 or less. the clear placenta of the egg is the bag in the chicken’s womb that would otherwise create the young fetus. so when they take it away from the chicken, she cries for months. the chicken has 4 inverted organs and 2 reverted organs. inverted organs are organs that seep blood and reverted organs created salmonella. that means their consciousness sees itself dying and the cause and effect of eating the egg is depression and lethargy. what you eat is what you get and become.

american indigenous strawberries are for the birds not humans

strwberrystrawberries are evolved for birds only. their acidity is to inprove the feathers and evolve 5 birds of the northern shale. All the birds names by invaders who think they know our animals here have given them names based on the english / anglo saxon culture and since they come from a different continent – not here in the americas – aymara, they confuse the consciousness of our people.

you will find that many people are not able to eat strawberries anymore because they will get ill in their stomach and it affects the eyes when you eat something that is being taken away from our animals. that is karma. they also grow in vines because it is easier for the birds to get to them. they were designed by incas of the northern shale.

the truth about granola

granolanuts and oats don’t go well together unless you are native aymara (that is native of the americas). raisins also don’t digest at the same speed as the grain because they effect the glucose in the blood during digestion.

why? because the protein of a nut doesn’t want to be digested with a grain. that’s how ridiculous it has become here on our lands with immigration stealing our vegetables and grains and fruits since 1902.

try eating grains with fruit only and nuts on their own in order to aid the digestion in your esophagus.

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