about Inka House

Inka House is a kitchen for catering to your events, business and a venue for holding workshops and creative classes.

The kitchen is vegetarian and devoted to feeding monks, students or the elderly if they need help to eat. Our menu is focused on what our lands can provide to us in a growing time.

We look for kitchens, restaurants or cafes that need help to repair their business and train the staff to give in community. Some of the dishes that we can offer for free are fresh pasta dishes or baked potato with salad. 

fundraising for new business

chefmoviedonate here if you wish to invest in food trucks or new business for existing kitchens that need help to give sustenance to their community. we are looking for investors to help us raise at least $80,000 to purchase 3 trucks and provide them with supplies and fuel.

How to care for Banana

Bananas originate in the area of the republic of Panama and Costa Rica. They were just finished in their evolution just as hungry refugees landed on our lands here in 1899 for the first time and they were found and stolen from our farms in 1907 in Central Aymara by the Spaniards arriving on barges.

the dark stains in a banana skin show that they are being attacked my bacteria

the dark stains in a banana skin show that they are being attacked by bacteria

Banana is meant for birds: pelicans, macaws and parakeets, which are called children of the waters in the ocean, not these other encyclopedia names given them by the invading government of the anglo saxon.

To keep them longer and ripen them accurately since the weather has changed from illegal immigration, there is a safe way to store them until used. The weather has gotten filled with bacteria so our fruits and vegetables suffer. They are our consciousness and anyone not given permission to eat them suffer illness in the heart aorta.

When you first touch them in the market, place them in a plastic clear bag and keep them there for a maximum of 8 days. After that you will be forced to use them.


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